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The RESPONSE:AI mission is actually quite simple: We want to use advanced technology to democratize market research.

We are a technology used by market research firms, advertising agencies, and corporate insights directors worldwide, using AI to deliver fast, reliable, affordable quantitative research projects. With offices in Prague, Dallas, and Tokyo, we are here to serve you anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.


Our experienced team oversees research projects based on client input and produces results that meet the highest scientific standards. Established brands, startups, agencies, and any organization in need of crucial market insights can now get them faster and more affordably than ever before.


Here are the people who make the magic happen. We love our smart machines, but nothing replaces the human touch!



Fred is responsible for investor relation, global strategy, market development, and client success.

Fred is responsible for investor relation, global strategy, market development, and client success.

Prior to joining RESPONSE:AI, Fred served as Chief Analytics Officer for MXM, a leading content marketing agency. He has managed analytic services for such clients as Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, KraftHeinz, Nestle, Toshiba, Nationwide Insurance, Allergan, Home Depot and TGI Fridays. Fred has served on Client Advisory Boards for SPSS and Experian. He is a recognized expert in market segmentation and enterprise predictive analytics. He holds a BA magna cum laude from Cornell, an MA in Demography from Georgetown and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.


Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Rene's focus is on strategic technology and product advancements with our core team in Prague, the development of market research as a service, and enterprise partnerships.

Rene has been doing market research pretty much his entire adult life. He studied international trade at the University of Economics in Prague, conducted polling for the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and later founded his own market research firm. He’s worked on research projects for international mobile operators, large banks, leading CPG companies, state institutions, and more..

Tomas Kozubek

Co-founder & Business Development Director

Tomas started RESPONSE:AI and is the one leading our expansion

Tomas started RESPONSE:AI and is the one leading our expansion. He’s responsible for the core business - commercial activities, marketing and sales, business development, international expansion, investor relations, and whatever else comes up on any given day.

Tomas has worked with startups and investor teams for years on M & A, fundraising, strategy, and more all around the world. He spent time with McKinsey & Co. consulting top management in Europe and the US, and has worked with - and invested in - dozens of startups through the Prague-based firm TARPAN Partners.


Co-founder & CTO

Daniel oversees RESPONSE:AI’s core capability: automation and everything that goes with it.

Daniel oversees RESPONSE:AI’s core capability: automation and everything that goes with it. In the very near future, that will include the introduction of artificial intelligence into the platform.

When he’s not leading our IT team, Daniel is a lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University, specializing in mathematics - probability theory, statistics, functional analysis - and AI. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Engineering.

Vladimir Sedlacek

Co-founder, Head of Production

Vladimir is responsible for the automation of data processing, elimination of repeated manual work, advanced reporting, and the overall management of the RESPONSE:AI production team. He’s been on both the agency and client sides of the market research industry for 14 years. Vladimir is an entrepreneur who is focused on process-intensive, complex projects - especially tracking studies. He uses advanced methods with SPSS, Excel, and PowerPoint to bring his passion to life.

Tomas Motl

Director response:now Czech

Tomas is our main business contact in the Czech office. He is the one who will connect you with a researcher, explain all the possibilities of our company and will always try to meet your requirements so the result is as you expect.

His many years of experience in leadership and communication now help him manage the Czech office. He overlooks business operations flow, project capacity management and employee satisfaction.

Being an outgoing person, Tomas will be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee and talk about your project - or just about anything. His enjoyment in meeting new people often results in interesting business opportunities or new friendships.

Being an outgoing person, Tomas will be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee and talk about your project - or just about anything. His enjoyment in meeting new people often results in interesting business opportunities or new friendships.

Petra Svobodova

Senior Project Manager

Petra leads projects in RESPONSE:AI from start to end. She sets optimal research design fitting to clients‘ needs, prepares proposals, supervises data collection and most importantnly analyses the results and delivers complete reports to clients including recommendations. Petra has more than 15 years of experience in marketing research in both – quantitative and qualitative area. She knows the marketing needs also from clients‘ side thanks to professional experience also as marketing manager in the area of real estate, retail and NGO sector.

Lukas Maixner


Lukas helps us with introductions, management, strategy, and more. He is a co-founder of Socialbakers, an international social media marketing firm based out of Prague. After more than a decade working in tech, he is now on a path to becoming a commercial airline pilot..

Honza Felt

Head of Online Marketing

Honza makes sure we’re visible on the Internet - the whole Internet. That means ads, RTB, A/B testing, and data data data. He used to work for Ogilvy Group, and is into helping clients to make better marketing decisions.

Ondra Michalek

UX and design

Ondra takes care of everything visual, from web design to our presentation materials. He’s been doing UX and design work for about 5 years, having previously designed mobile apps, websites, and illustrations for some of the largest czech brands. Apart from design, he creates pop-art/comic style paintings and illustrations and co-owns a gallery and shared atelier in Prague called Meet Art.

Viki Skorvagova

Project manager

Viki takes care of the content of our app and automation platforms. No biggie, she just ensures the smooth flow of our research projects. She used to work as a researcher for Kantar Millward Brown.

Petr Levy

Research Analyst

Petr specializes in Lighthouse on our production team. In his spare time, he’s into racquet sports, playing Magic The Gathering, studying up on system dynamics, and playing with his dog, Brienne.

Margareta Perichtova

Research Analyst

Margareta works as an analyst on our production team, specifically looking at data processing and statistical accuracy. She studied mathematics at Charles University in Prague and likes sports - mainly swimming and skiing - and a good board game.

Kostantyn Klimov

Research Analyst

Kostantyn is one of our research analysts. He was born in Ukraine, and moved to the Czech Republic when he was 13 years old. He began his studies at the Czech Economics University, but left after a year to begin his career with two of the largest Czech e-commerce companies on the market. After spending 15 years in the Czech Republic, he is now a Czech citizen, and plans to finish a degree in an IT-oriented field.

Michal Koval

Senior Frontend Developer

Michal is a developer passionate about creating robust software solutions and great UX based on the latest technologies. He has been developing in AngularJS since its first beta versions, and is now mainly focusing on Angular 2+. If you can't find him in the office, he's probably running or at the gym.

Andrej Snitko


Andrej’s been here and there, and he’s done this and that - you should hear the story. For us, he’s a programmer and general provider of IT services who keeps RESPONSE:AI moving.

Lenka Odlozilikova

Backoffice Assistant

Lenka keeps the office running and our colleagues on task. She loves sport, good food and time with friends.



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