Automation has led to new ways of consumer testing and refining adjustments to product packaging concepts. “… of course, packaging design is a key driver in the sales process,” says René Henc, CEO and co-founder of RESPONSE:AI.

It used to be that Marketing Directors or owners would have to either take a gamble and just roll the dice to choose between the best of 3 concepts or if they wanted a more accurate consumer-centric approach, it would cost a ton and take ages to get surveys done, compile data and analyze it all. Those days are done.

Our automated research tools produce in-depth insights into originality and customer appeal, including things like their propensity to buy or remember a product based on individual graphic features, colors, logos, and text elements.

The respondents are all real customers, so their suggested changes or improvements are tied directly to buyer motivation.

Our algorithms and advanced automation mean that, although the research itself is done in the same manner as any of the large traditional market research companies, the analysis, and detailed reports can be produced far faster and cheaper. (Packaging research starts from as little as $2,750.)

Depending on research complexity and the amount of data collection required, we deliver a packaging test report within only four days from receiving the assignment. The data processing that follows is literally done in a matter of hours. We interpret the results so that clients unaccustomed to interpreting raw research data can understand it thoroughly.

The real automation revolution is taking the risk out of packaging improvements, modifications, and product launches: Getting customer feedback first, eliminates the gambling aspect. The numbers are there, but the dice are best used for paperweights.


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