Quick Turn Survey Delivers Black Friday Insights

Survey research may be one of the best options a company has to keep it’s finger on the pulse of existing and potential customers.  The only downside? You need insights now, and survey research takes time, right?

Guess again! Gone are the days of waiting weeks for survey results. As the holidays are upon us, clients are in need of fast, reliable research. This year, Kline & Company needed to inform their clients of how consumers are feeling about supply chain shortages this holiday season. Kline’s beauty and cosmetics consulting team turned to Response:AI for a survey of 600 women, in regards to their Black Friday shopping intentions, as well as their concerns about product shortages in the beauty market. Within hours, we were able to launch the survey, turn it around within 48 hours, and deliver insights to Kline through  tables and a full PowerPoint deck. 

Beauty products are an important part of many people’s shopping plans, and the holidays bring an increased demand. According to our survey, around one third of women who participated expect to find products in short supply due to supply chain disruptions. In 2021, in-person shopping was back in a big way, as consumers made up for the isolation of 2020. Beauty products, and specifically color cosmetics, carry a particular need for in-person availability, as testing textures, matching skin shades, and comparing colors is not something that can be done reliably online, particularly when purchasing for another person or trying a new product. While the pandemic forced a huge percentage of purchases to take place online, women are eager to reincorporate the hands-on experience into their holiday shopping, even in the age of the dying department store. 

While traditional expectations around market research may have led clients away from this option in the past, R:AI’s team, both human and robot, are able to deliver the insights you need faster than Santa can check his list twice!  

Concerned about cost? While not all surveys are created equal, our technology allowed us to create a 10-question survey, obtain quality data from a nationally representative survey of 600 women, and automatically generate a report for less than $2,000.

If consumer insight is on your Christmas wish list, our expert team is sliding down the chimney, ready to deliver you the data you need to succeed.  

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Quick Turn Survey Delivers Black Friday Insights

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