The Impact on Retirement Timing Due to COVID-19

We know all too well that the pandemic has drastically changed our current lifestyle. How will it affect our future? While don’t know what the future holds, we do make plans for the future – retirement being one of the things most Americans plan for often well in advance.

Wanting to understand how American’s attitudes about retirement had changed due to COVID-19, in December 2020, Greenwald Research conducted the Rethinking Retirement Survey powered by response:AI.

The Rethinking Retirement Survey helped to provide insight into how Americans now look at their retirement years. What did they envision for retirement prior to the pandemic and how has the pandemic changed their vision of the future?

The study focused on three key areas:

  • Target retirement age and whether/why there’s been a change
  • Lifestyle and financial goals for retirement
  • Changes in beliefs about retirement saving

Find highlights from the study here. Additionally, complete findings from Rethinking Retirement are available for public purchase.

Fidelity Investments, the research sponsor for this study, has released an infographic illustrating key results from the study. Access and download the infographic here.


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